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Why Choose Online Marketing Group? Affordable SEO Services For Small Businesses

  • Specialising in affordable SEO services for small businesses to grow.

  • SEO experts in both technical & content SEO.

  • SEO Services – all work done here in Australia.

  • Friendly service with transparent communication.

  • Competitive rates and can work to most budgets.


Q. Why Online Marketing Group (OMG)?

A. Because we focus on small business growth and driving online sales while being less expensive than most agencies due to reduced overheads.

Q. What is SEO?

A. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) drives targeted traffic to your website from the organic search queries from the user. They are shown in the Search Engine Results Pages of search engines such as Google & Bing.

Q. What is Content Marketing?

A. A solid content marketing strategy involves creating a detailed plan of who your target audience is, what the intent of their search query is (for SEO), what their needs are, which content format does your audience want to be delivered to them and which channels they prefer. Combining this with your own brand’s knowledge base and positioning in the market…then finding the sweet spot where they meet, is key.

Q. How do I rank on Google?

A. There are over 200 SEO values that Google and other search engines use as ranking factors, all of them weighted differently. In addition to a good SEO audit, you need sound keyword research coupled with competitor research, expert on-page technical SEO, a strong SEO content strategy, fresh content in the form of both service pages, blog posts and video, a fast website in terms of page speed etc. and a solid backlink strategy.

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Why us and not another Digital Marketing & SEO Agency?

If you’re looking for affordable SEO services for small businesses – OMG will not only advise you on the best way to approach any of our SEO or online marketing services using industry best practice…we’ll also implement those services for you. What this means is that Online Marketing Group will effectively partner with your small business to achieve your desired goals.

If you’re brand new to online and digital marketing, are looking to invest in your first website or eCommerce site, or are fully across this exciting landscape and are searching for the right digital marketing partner – then Online Marketing Group is here to help. We offer unrivalled service and over 23 years’ experience in our industry.

Genuine, friendly and professional – you can be sure your project is in the right hands when you choose to go with us. We’re highly cost-effective too, with our low overheads, so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you won’t be overcharged for any aspect of our business relationship and you’ll be achieving your small business goals.

Why OMG? If you’re searching for affordable SEO services for small businesses, here are some common issues that we come across and how OMG can help:

  • Their website isn’t ranking well on search engines.
  • They need to generate more sales.
  • They want to take their business online.
  • They want to optimise their site’s user experience (UX), website navigation and click strategy.
  • They’d like to refresh their website.
  • They can’t justify hiring a full-time marketing manager and need a marketing consultant.
  • Their customers are finding their site but not purchasing.
  • They want to reduce churn and increase customer loyalty.
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Search Engine Optimisation, Digital & Online Marketing

Alex has worked in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), online marketing implementation and strategy for over 23 years, having studied for his Chartered Institute of Marketing certification at Cambridge Marketing College.

Starting out in the UK, his work has taken him to many corners of the world including the UK, mainland Europe, Australia, India, Nepal and the US – working for companies such as Intel, Accenture, Coca-Cola and SAI Global to name a few.

Our Accredited SEO Agency and Digital Marketing Agency launched in 2016 – and has worked with a number of businesses nationally to help drive revenue and boost their sales.