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best ecommerce platform for seo - WooCommerce for WordPressOnline Marketing Group used its specialisation in affordable small business SEO, website design and UX design to help two of our main clients with major issues they were experiencing with their first websites, after talking to them about the best eCommerce platform for SEO. Both of these clients’ website CMS’s (content management systems), or platforms, had been in full swing for these clients long before one of them approached OMG and prior to us contacting the other.

Through working on their SEO on their existing sites, we found that either there were so many elements which were not fully optimisable for SEO using best practice…or we found that the chosen CMS platform that was recommended for them initially was lacking what they really wanted in being able to add various items themselves. Click on this link for more articles in this series on eCommerce website SEO guides and our two-part, walk-through checklist that all small business owners with an online store should read.

Before they came on board, one client was using Shopify, and another was using GoDaddy. Now, these CMS platforms look amazing from the outside, but can have some critical limitations when it comes to functionality and compatibility with full, proper search engine optimisation (SEO) of websites, as can platforms like Squarespace and Wix. If you want to know what the best CMS for SEO is for most websites, then WordPress is certainly one of them.

Again, both clients had eCommerce functionality (which included a payment gateway for online purchases) on their sites, which they needed to keep, so we advised them to go with WordPress – using the WooCommerce plugin and a friendly, compatible payment gateway such as Stripe or PayPal.

The first client – Lake Leather (who makes and sells a huge range of fine leather and natural-fibre goods in Australia) – actually still has their first website on Shopify but wanted to switch for their second business, The Tasmanian Slipper Company, once OMG had engaged them as a client.

best ecommerce platform for seo - inspiring case studyShopify is not a bad CMS for eCommerce. It functions well, looks good on the front end, and is workable from an SEO standpoint, however, it does still have a few functionality issues when it’s compared to something like WordPress. This is why we moved our client over to WordPress and WooCommerce for their second site, which is due to launch shortly in early 2022.

For the second client in this case study, we were approached by artist Simone Wolowiec, from Art-by-Simone, after she found a business associate’s website that was a client of OMG who was ranking #1 on Google Search for mobile coffee carts in Melbourne (a particularly competitive search term in that cosmopolitan city, famed for its love of all things coffee)!

Unfortunately, due to the nature of that particular business – the constant upheaval from the local lockdowns in Melbourne with the onset of COVID-19 (the city has been the most locked down of any in the world!) meant that they had to put their business activities on hold, as the city was repeatedly forced to shut off all access to cafés, bars, restaurants and the like.

The Art-by-Simone website was on GoDaddy’s CMS and was highly limited in terms of the proper optimisation required for best SEO practices. There were instances, for example, where OMG couldn’t change the permalinks for any blogs, or edit the images across articles for alt tags etc.

As SEO was such a key element for the artist, once again, we recommended WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin as the right fit. Art-by-Simone’s new website is due to go live at the end of November 2021.

It’s always a good idea to discuss with your preferred SEO Professional before you decide on the best eCommerce platform for SEO, or for your brochure website’s CMS. This will certainly save you a lot of time and money, by giving your website the highest chance of being optimised fully – without the limitations that some of the platforms inherently have because they are designed for the client to ‘DIY’ the site themselves.

best cms for ecommerce seoDesigning and building those CMS platforms that way allows for quick and easy templated solutions that look good at first glance, but because they are created with the end user in mind to do it themselves, it’s nearly always a case of design over substance in our experience.

Online Marketing Group can also advise you on domain names and which TLD (Top Level Domain) to go for, such as .com or etc, plus a whole host of other search engine optimisation and digital marketing elements to allow your small business to grow online and increase sales.

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